Hey there! I’m Kaylie. Sometimes I’m called Kale. I am a 200-hr RYT, vegan cook, hiker, animal lover, coffee drinker, traveler, Youtuber, blogger, writer, through-and-through Taurus, and passionate human being. I was born and raise in the California Bay Area, but I lived in San Diego for about 4 years for college. I now live in the wonderful city of Seattle, Washington with my wonderful boyfriend and our precious prince, Bear the Black Cat.

This blog started as a way for me to keep busy at a very boring internship. Over the last 2 years it’s mostly been a place I come to when I’m having a life crisis and  I tell myself “I gotta get my blog runnin’ again!” Pfft. But now I really, truly am. Why now? Because I’m having another life crisis and massive scars from two 2nd/3rd degree burns from my current kitchen job and I’m trying to quit so badlybecausethingsjustkeepgettingworseanditusedtobesuchagreatjobandnlefnoewfbowbfw3beskfjbewohpfhweoifwiebfiwbgrgbownflksdngoewbgoeba;kgbaeg

I do this a lot. Which is why I made this blog. To help me keep my mind in order. To show readers that even young adults who seem to really have it together, actually don’t. No one does, at least I don’t think. Don’t let Instagram lie to you. I can post photos of my travels through Europe, my hip Ikea furniture, my new Subaru, my foster dog, and my kick ass vegan meals – But this blog is what is behind all those photos: a very normal, massively in-debt college graduate trying to pay bills, find a good job, and still be a happy, well-adjusted human. It’s not easy being a millennial.

So as your read this blog, take it as a comfort that you’re either doing as poorly as me or that you’re better than me. Either way, I hope this blog helps you realize your full potential. You are not the only person who spent a life’s fortune on college and is now working the same bumpkin jobs as everyone else. You’re not alone.


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