when shit explodes, hits the fan, and causes nuclear war

I love astrology. I am by no means a master (I don’t know much about any sign other than my own and those of the ones close to me. Also, I really don’t get along with Aries & Aquarius’s won’t leave me alone!!!), but I find it to be so fun and fascinating. Whether you “believe” in it or not, astrology can be a great form of meditation (or devotional). When you get your daily/weekly/monthly horoscope, use it as a means of guidance or meditation. You don’t need to believe it to be true in order to enjoy it.

So September has been a month. Actually, September has been such a shit storm that I seriously Googled “why is september the worst month.”

To sum it up, the job that I loved and thought I was going to stay with for years, I am not looking to quit. A. S. A. P.


Things have changed this month. Shit went down. For those of you who don’t know (which is probably most of you considering I only update this blog whenever I’m having a life crisis), I’m the Kitchen Manager of a vegan restaurant. It was such a good set up for me. I love being the boss (I’m a taurus, so…), I love being a leader, making food for a living, and making tacos while dancing to club rap (she gon shake it, like a red nose).

I’m currently exclusively applying to writing jobs. I received my Bachelor’s in Writing and so far the closest thing I’ve done to that is my bitching on this blog and some part marketing experience. Other than that, I’ve been scraping by with “it pays the bills” jobs, and I’m done with it. I’m ready to start moving into my career.

Oh yeah, here’s the astrology part:

So I was chatting with one of my favorite coworkers last night about how terrible September and Mercury was for me. We were all discussing our signs, our partner’s signs, when Erica chimed in and said that this coming month will be really great for me as a Taurus (fuckin’ finally!). She said it was going to bring me big opportunities––and considering my current job search, I’m really hoping it means something for me!

October 2016 Taurus Horoscope predicts that career and business will be a priority over home and personal matters for the month of October 2016 for the Taurean personalities. You can use the emotional strength achieved earlier to further your career development.

The middle of October 2016 indicates job changes which are positive.


You see that? Job changes. Positive. Yes! That’s what I need, boo.


October 2016 is also a time to pay more attention to your body’s needs in terms of addressing diet and exercise, which you may have been neglecting or even perhaps overdoing – you need more balance and more moderation. It’s been all work and all play, and in October 2016 you need to take stock and wind down mentally and physically. Get plenty of rest, fresh air and fresh food and quality sleep.


This shit really rings true for me. The most exercise I’ve done this month is wrangling my foster pit bull on her daily walks. I’ve been off yoga because 1) I got a huge tattoo which meant no hot yoga, 2) I’m poor and can’t afford a studio, and 3) a home practice is a HUGE obstacle for me between my laziness (taurus…) and the animals (incl. the boyfriend).

October: I’m ready for you, bitch. October is always a good month for me, so I’m hoping this one is too!

xo Kaylie

Shit count: 15


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