DIY Skincare | Anti-inflammatory Mask for Acne, Eczema, and Perioral Dermatitis

I’ve been having a bit of a crisis recently, and it’s called perioral dermatitis.DSC_0576About a month ago I noticed some strange bumps on my chin. They weren’t red, or irritated looking, just bumps. I didn’t think much of it other than making sure to exfoliate that night. As time went on it got worse… and worse…and worse.

Since this ugly rash it reared it’s ugly head, it has spread to both sides of my chin and around my nose. While my case is not nearly as bad as some people’s (based of Google images and other blog posts) it’s still pretty shitty. It’s ugly, red, and even itchy/burning at times. As soon as it calms down and I celebrate that it’s finally disappearing, it comes back full force.DSC_0579I’ve never had skin issues in my life. I’ve always been that annoying girl with flawless skin. It’s genetics—every woman in my family has wonderful skin. So dealing with this has been really difficult for me. I’m used to never having to think twice about my skin, and now it’s all I think about.

Now, it wouldn’t be that bad…if it had a clear freakin’ clear cause and treatment! PD is kind of a mystery still in the dermatology world… and, the few possible known triggers are all things I don’t do, such as using SLS in products, fluoride toothpaste, too much sun, steroid creams… So what the hell is triggering this for me?

That’s what I’m trying to figure out. I’ve started keeping a journal of everything I’m eating and putting on my face. The only things that seem to have a pattern with effectiveness are taking probiotics and consuming coconut oil—both things that hint at an internal issue more than a topical one. I’ve been taking a probiotics twice a day and putting a heaping spoonful of coconut oil in smoothies. I’m doing all that I can to improve my insides (drinking a lot of water, eating healthy, cutting back on caffeine) so that my skin can heal.

Tonight I needed something soothing and calming. All day at work I’ve been trying to avoid scratching my burning face. While it’s not as red as it has been in the past, today it has been more itchy and irritated feeling than ever. People have reported success when using a few of these ingredients to soothe their PD, so I made a mask encompassing most of them… And you won’t believe the

Soothing, Anti-Inflammatory Mask for Acne, Eczema, Perioral Dermatitis, Or Any Other Annoying Face Ailment You Can Think of, Really.
-Aloe Vera (natural, not that blue crap you put on sunburns)
-Manuka Honey
-Activated charcoal (I just broke open a capsule)

Strange combo, I know. Aloe is (obviously) extremely soothing and calming for the skin. Grapeseed oil is wonderful for fighting redness and contains anti-oxidants, but I figured, hell, I’ll put the whole damn grape in there! And honey, oh honey, how I love, love honey… Honey is another one of the few things that has given me some relief. Honey is incredible for the skin in so many ways, especially Manuka honey as it has natural hydrogen peroxide. Activated charcoal is awesome at removing impurities gently from your skin. Even adding yogurt would be a great addition that would help keep this mask together a little better (I would’ve added some but we are out!).

Directions:DSC_0563DSC_0564First slice up your aloe. If you don’t own an aloe plant, what is wrong with ya! They’re easy to take care of and are so handy! Ours is HUGE!DSC_0565Add it to a food processor.DSC_0566DSC_0567DSC_0568Add a spoonful of Manuka or regular honey.DSC_0569DSC_0572Add your grapes (or as we call them, “beeps”) and the contents of an activated charcoal capsule. DSC_0573DSC_0575Blend it up until it looks like this, then smear it all over your face! Prepare to look crazy.DSC_0588After 15 minutes (or when it feels dried) rinse with cool water (heat flares inflammation) and a gentle wash cloth.






Can you believe the results!? I am SO happy! Granted, my PD isn’t cured, but look at that! The redness has significantly gone down and my skin looks glowy and soft again. I’m going to start using this magic potion a couple times to day to sooth my skin until my PD decided to shove off. And since it’s totally natural and gentle, there’s no harm in using it a couple times a day.

I hope you all found this useful and that it works for you guys!

Peace, love, and aloe vera,