Life | Fig Season + Raw Vegan Fig Jam Recipe

DSC_0484Figs are gorgeous. From their outside blackened purple flesh to their delightfully pink and red seeded center. In fact, in ancient Greece figs were held in such high esteem that the best quality ones were forbidden for export. I feel the same about my own home-grown figs… BACK OFF!

Just kidding 🙂

DSC_0479This morning after getting back from a walk with the dog I noticed that the birds are starting to get at our second fig harvest (check out the area around my ladder…), so I went ahead and picked as many as I could reach. There’s something so gratifying about growing and harvesting your own food. I feel so much more connected and grateful for what I’m eating because it grew in my own backyard (certified organic, GMO free 🙂 ). It honestly doesn’t get any better than that.



I had to fight off a few spider webs and bugs for these babies, but it was oh so worth it. If you’ve never had a fresh fig, they are truly one of natures candies, right along with dates and berries. Chewy, soft outer flesh with a smooth, creamy inside, with loads of sweet and crunchy little seeds. It tastes like a mixture of buttery caramel (almost like a date) and the seeds add a almost raspberry like crunch and tartness.

i'm in a tree!

i’m in a tree!



Pick or choose figs based off their color and softness. This particular fig variety are from Italy and are meant to be picked when they’re extremely dark and  very soft. It’s weird choosing a fruit that feels like it’s going to rot soon, but that’s how they’re meant to be. The softer ones are perfectly sweet and ripe. Mmmmm…




After such a lovely fig harvest I just had to make something out of these babies. There are tons of wonderful recipes involving figs, but my dad and I decided on something simple: jam! It tastes about 1000000000x better than it looks. This is truly one of my favorite things I’ve ever made. Here’s how to make it… Be ready for how EASY it is!


Raw, Vegan*, 100% Natural and Homemade Fig Jam

  • Figs, I used about 15
  • 1-2 tsp Honey (optional depending on your definition of vegan and how sweet you want it)
  • 1-2 Tbs Chia seeds


Cut those cuties in half and throw them in a food processor.


Blend, baby, blend!


Give it a taste. Does it need more liquid (for the chia seeds to absorb) or sweetness? If so…


…Add honey! Mmmm! I used about a teaspoon… Who knows… Eyeball it! It’s all by feel.


You can stop right here if you want! This would work great as a spread or jam just how it is. But if you want a little extra boost of nutrients and a more jam-like texture, keep going.


Time for chia seeds! I added about 2 Tablespoons for this jar. Again, you can eyeball it. It all depends on 1) the juiciness of your figs, 2) the amount of honey you added and 3) how jelly-like you want it.


Stir it all together and let it sit for about 15 minutes for the chia seeds to absorb the juice and get plump.


Finito! BEAUTIFUL! Lock your precious delicious jam in an air-tight container. It should last at least a week in the fridge.



Here’s a mind-blowing appetizer or snack you can make in just a few minutes. I served this up to my boyfriend and family and got rave reviews. My boyfriend actual spread his arms like he was flying up into heaven… what a cutie.

Heavenly Fig and Brie Bites
Spread your friggin’ good fig jam on a piece of bread (toasted or soft). Add a slice of brie cheese (I used triple cream… *drool*) and a drizzle of liquid gold… I mean honey. Shove that sucker in your fig-hole and eat up! YUM!


The only way I can describe this work of art is sinful. I bet in the Garden of Eden the forbidden fruit was a fig.

Do you guys have a garden? How would you describe the feeling of eating what you grow? What’re your favorite thing in your garden? If you don’t have a garden, what would be your top five fruits and/or veggies you’d grow if you could grow anything!

Let me know your favorite fig-licious recipes.

Peace, Love, and fig newtons,