The Green Curtain… Or something.

It’s weird how changing the products you use in life can seriously alter the way your brain thinks. They say that once the green curtain has been lifted, you can never shut it… I think… Isn’t that a saying? Anyone?

Not that long ago I was a regular beauty “guru” on YouTube who blabbed and blabbed about Sephora hauls, drugstore makeup, and basic tutorials (since I never wear that much makeup anyways). During my Sophomore year of high school I decided to slowly stop buying and supporting drugstore brands that tested on animals. Like the journey I’m on now, I decided to make it a process rather than to go cold turkey in order to let me have time to find alternatives.

The first was the toughest—Covergirl. I can’t even tell you how many tubes of that neon orange packaged mascara I went through. LashBlast was my drug. But I really love kittens and puppies, and thus began my journey to find the best cruelty-free mascara out there (which I’m currently still on, but I’ve made it even more difficult by demanding it also be natural).

But I’m a believer! I don’t think natural girls have to sacrifice our love of makeup and beauty to be eco-friendly! Since then I’ve been pretty much drugstore makeup free, besides brands like Physicians Formula. It’s funny, just the other day a friend saw my makeup collection for the first time and said he had never seen more makeup in a girl’s collection… Hah! This is after years of throwing away products without repurchasing them and he didn’t even check out my palette collection under the sink (imagine nearly every Coastal Scents palette ever made…). IMG_2189IMG_2196IMG_2192

Where am I going with this? I got a little derailed here. My point is, I used to be a beauty queen. The more makeup the better. And now? I can’t watch most beauty gurus anymore. Every haul or monthly favorites video they post makes me want to scream, “Don’t you know how many chemicals are in those products? You are putting toxic WASTE on your FACE!”

Holier than thou? No way, man. I still am going through the process too. I still use unnatural products everyday, and that’s why I’m here, typing this right now, at work, instead of working! I’m here to show you that this is a process and you can’t expect to just throw away thousands of dollars of products then proceed to purchase new, natural products instead. “Waste not, want not” they always say. It just sucks that some of my favorite YouTubers are now useless to me (but I still watch them anyways).

What’s my next step? Well, I’ve made a wish list on longer than my Christmas lists and made a small purchase today that will replace items I just mentioned in my empties video. I’m going to keep using up products I currently have and start gradually replacing them with purer ones. And that’s why I’m here! I’m here to show you guys that yes, you can indeed live a non-toxic, eco-friendly life in 2014. I hope some of you will go on this journey with me.

Peace, love, and natural mascara,


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