A new beginning

Starting a fresh blog is like writing on the first page of a new notebook. It’s hard for me to make the plunge and decide what’s the “perfect” thing to start it off with.
Let’s just say a lot of those first pages get torn out.

But as I sit here in my cubicle at my 8-5 internship, I understand that what I’m doing is confusing. All of us college students are a little confused. First off, I’m a writer. I don’t do math, science, or anything logical or left-minded. Secondly, I’m a yogi. Yoga is my love, my passion, my ultimate stress-relief. And thirdly, I’m a naturist. Is that a word? The red squiggly isn’t underneath it so I guess so.
I fuckin’ love nature. (I also love obscenities).

One of the first trees I saw in Florence after living in the concrete jungle for several weeks.

One of the first trees I saw in Florence after living in the concrete jungle for several weeks.

So what am I doing sitting in a cubicle, working 8-5 at a Biotech company in the marketing division as a (highly) paid intern?
I’m a women of many skills, and one of those skills is bullshitting. Or if I want to flatter myself, I’m a good sales women (when it comes to selling myself)… (but not like that).

Yes, I am incredibly grateful for this huge opportunity I was given to work here for 10 weeks. I was one of the 15 out of 2,100 applicants who got chosen. It is a graduation requirement, paid, and great experience for me to put on a resume. And hey, I really like it. Marketing is fun, even if it took me two weeks just to know what the heck I was doing (hint: my entire project is around antibodies and I haven’t taken a biology course since sophomore year of high school).
But during this experience (read: after the first three days) I realized I cannot work an office job.

I can’t.
I get up and walk laps around the building every hour. I twist and turn in my seat, trying to find the perfect seated yoga pose to soothe my aching lower back. I drink bottles and bottles of water and tea a day just so I can get up and walk to the bathroom to rest my eyes from the computer screen! How do people do this!?

So I’m starting this blog as a way for me to make my free time more about what I love: yoga, holistic health, nature, hiking, cooking, fun, and friendships. I hope you enjoy it and me. I’m a little rough around the edges, but I’ll try and make you laugh or smile with every post.

Love, gratitude, and a sore back,



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