10 Things I’ve Learned While Sitting in my Cube

Sometimes there’s not very much going on in an intern’s life. I’ve been left with way too much to think (and surf the internet).

Here are some things I’ve learned while sitting in my cozy cube:

  1. I hate sitting. I loath it. I’d do anything to be laying down or standing or walking or anything other than sitting in an upright position in a chair that is way too stiff. My lower hasn’t ached this bad since I spent over five hours a day on World of Warcraft (that was a long time ago, alright!).
  2. You’re nails grow fast when you type. I’ve never had long nails. I am a bad nail biter. But my nails have grown so long and strong (and down to get the keyboard friction on) from typing so much each day that I’ve actually had to file them. Wow!
  3. I need sunlight. I feel like a plant when I finally step outside for the first time after each shift. I stretch out my arms like branches and my hands like leaves and try to absorb every bit of Vitamin D I can get (until my 45 minute commute home).
  4. I’m tired? I don’t understand how I can be so exhausted after sitting in a chair all day. I get home after work and want to do nothing but eat and watch TV. Didn’t I just say I hate sitting? It’s complicated. I mean, yeah, I wake up at 6am everyday, but how can I be so ragged tired after sitting all day? This leads me to the next one…
  5. Exercise is always the answer. About an hour after eating dinner (about 8pm) it’s finally cool enough to take my dog for a walk. Even if it’s a mere 2 mile jog or walking around the park while she plays fetch, just getting outside and movie my body does wonders for my spirit. Sometimes after getting home I feel lethargic, grumpy, and lazy—exercise always makes me feel sooooo good.
  6. Setting up a cozy environment is crucial. Nothing is worse than sitting in a grey box all day with nothing but a computer and a phone that no one will ever call you on. After hanging up a few post-it doodles and bringing some items from home (a cute mug, a snow globe with a picture of my dog, a bunch of healthy snacks) I felt much more comfortable in my environment. Each day I can look forward to my 8 cups of tea or coffee in my “I like big mutts and I cannot lie” mug, crossing another day off my countdown to Wanderlust Fest, and snacking on chocolate covered fruit from my desk drawer.
  7. Doing stuff is important. This kind of goes along with the exercise, but doing fun stuff during the work week is really beneficial towards making the week fly by. My boyfriend and I have designated Tuesdays as Date Night days (dinner and/or a movie) and we try to see each other after work as much as possible—even if it’s just for a couple hours before early bedtime.
  8. Okay, yeah, being lazy is okay too. Last night when I got off work I came home, ate, went to the park with the dog, the flopped on my bed for a few hours before laying in the tub for an hour (with a bath bomb and face mask), then going to sleep. Mental healing counts as something, right?
  9. Office workers eat a lot of candy. Self control is a must. Seriously, man. There are two jars of candy out in the hall that always mysteriously get filled as soon as they get low, and recently someone brought in a huge tray of cupcakes. Not to mention the packs of hot chocolate in the break room and vending machines full of treats that I really want to eat. I never thought being at work would be such a test of self-control!
  10. I will never again work an office job. Many interns who work here get hired. If I got asked to be a full-time employee after graduation, I honestly think I would say no, despite the gratuitous paycheck. As much as I enjoy my job, coworkers, and having a set schedule (8-4:30, every evening and weekend off), god, sitting and working on a computer all day is just not for me. My dad said we (as in us Pullin’s) aren’t meant for desk jobs. We are way to active, hyper, and adventurous. My goal is to become a yoga teacher and a writer, and hopefully both of those careers will take me places.

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